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MetaQuery | Medical databases

MetaQuery is a tool designed to query in the main medical bibliographical databases, using several filters, from a single and simple interface.
Available databases and filters for querying are listed below, with a brief description. For more details, follow the corresponding link to the original database main page.

MetaQuery is useful for quickly perform a given search in different databases and look for the best evidence-based results, or compare results. On the contrary, for comprehensive queries, and for specialized searches or filters other than those listed here, it is recommended to use the original database search page, with the original search tools. All these database provide a variety of possibilities and tools for searching, see the respective help pages.

To use MetaQuery, select on the top menu the database and filter you want to use, type your queryng terms in the text box, and click the go! button. The results of the search will appear in this window below. To change the database and filters used, just select the new database to search in the list, you can use the same search terms if you want.

This resource is intended for health professionals and the results obtained are usually very specialized and technical.
For non professionals and patients, more adapted resurces are available in the web, as for example Medline Plus.

Databases and filters availables

(Links will bring you to the respective web site home page)

Author: Carmelo Lafuente-Lafuente, MD, PhD.
First created: 2007 July 24
Last updated: 2017 December 05
Version: beta-0.9.1
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